Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mission Accomplished

 I decided last fall this was something I should do and after some persuading I suckered some of my colleagues into joining me. I figured a marathon wasn't too much if we divided the work by four.
Then I planned to do a lot of training so I'd be ready.

Here we are post race --Our team name "That's What She Said."
I ran the second leg -- 7 miles.  It wasn't a "fast" run, but it was done without stopping to walk which was all I really wanted.

Instead of months of training I will admit we spent most of our time designing these dandy shirts and building our playlists. I did two races before this one -- The Frozen Feat and The Diva Dash. Both were 5ks in which I beat my time here by running faster but walking part of it too. I really want to be able to both run faster and not wear myself out so much that I have to walk. That's for the next race, I think.

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