Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Who died and made you crotch goalie?"

The following is a small clip from a recent episode of Traffic Light that had me laughing out loud. This new Fox TV show has been described by some as "lame" but I rather enjoy it. It features three guys in their 30s, Mike, Adam, and Ethan in three different types of relationship situations and much of each episode is spent in cars with them talking on the phone about their latest dilemma.

Mike is married and has a small child. Adam has recently moved in with his girlfriend and in this particular episode the sister has also moved in after a rather messy divorce. Ethan is the bachelor who works hard to keep it that way.

Here's the scene from the "Stealth Bomber" episode I wish I had a clip of--Kate, most excellently played by Kathryn Hahn steals the show:

Kate: Well, well, well. Ethan, good to see you again.

Ethan: Hi. (shakes her hand) You must be Callie's sister, right?

Kate: Hi. Kate, exactly. good memory.

Ethan: Enchanté (in his British accent, still shaking hands)

Kate: Oh, French too.

Ethan: Mais oui, Mais oui I must say that sundress is fantastic on you.

Kate: Oh? It comes off super fast too.

Ethan: Excuse me?

Kate: Mmmhhmmm (still shaking hands)

Callie: (rushing up to grab her sister) Can I borrow her for one second?

Ethan: Must you?

Callie: yes. Just for a minute. Girl Talk

Kate: (still holding his hand... both of them not wanting to let go) Soo much heat.

Callie: Come on We're walking.

Kate: It's hot out here.

Callie: Not Ethan.

Kate: What do you mean, not Ethan?

Callie: He's a great guy, really nice, but he's really only interested in one thing, sweetie.

Kate: Yes, and I have it for him underneath this sundress. It's Christmas morning, let's unwrap the package.

Callie: Oh...

Kate: Actually. Small confession. It's not exactly wrapped.

Callie: Oh... that's great information.

Kate: It's not mine to keep, you know what I mean.

Callie: uh-huh

Kate: I have to share it.

Callie: Ahhh... let's keep it for a couple more minutes, huh? Let's save it up.

Callie: Okay, as an alternative, what about Kenny G over there (motions to freaky dude). He's kind of sexy in a hippie way?

Kate: Honey, he looks like a cat toy.

Callie: If I was single I'd, I'd ... hit that.

Kate: If you were single? Where's Adam, he's been avoiding you all afternoon? It's like you're clinging to me.

Callie: He's not avoiding me. He's just having a little... hey this isn't about me. It's about you and your bad decisions and your oversharing and your little unwrapped hoo-ha.

Kate: Who died and made you crotch goalie?

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