Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Music that Matters to Me --a Reprise

A few years ago I wrote a handful of posts about my favorite music -- one of those posts was on Dwight Yoakam. Well, he's been on my mind again lately--ever since last summer when I heard a terrific little acoustic album a friend played for me, though it's not as if Dwight's ever too far from my mind. In fact, since I last paid tribute to Dwight my collection has grown to eight albums. My last post focused just on one album--his 2004 Greatest Hits album, and so this time I'd like to just celebrate a few new faves.

If I could put into words the feeling --the physical, mental, spiritual, all-consuming rush -- some songs give me then maybe I could do the music justice. Instead I'm sure I'll just sound freakin' crazy to say that some times I have a warmth that spreads over me, a general good will to all, a blissed-out feeling that some only feel after sex or possibly after injecting some heroin. Yeah, some music does that.

Well, here are a few songs that fall under the love of Dwight category which lately have me closing my eyes, leaning back and letting the music wash over me.

Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)
Now this one almost doesn't need words... the opening bars just about kill me. But the whole dang song is great--one of those grim story songs that seems almost wrong to love as much as I do. "She wore red dresses and told such sweet lies..." The version I am loving is the one found here.

Two Doors Down
This one is ridiculously sad and so, so, good.
Jukebox full of sad songs + barmaid who serves 'em real strong + heartache + unending memory +bar stool that knows my name + endless waiting + bottle + pay phone that never rings ... I think you get the picture. It's slow suicide in a song bathed in drink, wallowing in self pity. Man, that's how I like my country music!

The Wild Ride
This one is from my first Dwight album, This Time (1993). Wild Ride is a little more rockin' but something about it feels a little sexy and well, wild.

"I looked up, there she stood,
I said
'If you didn't look so great, I'd say you look good.'
Oh, she took her hand, ran it up my thigh
and said, 'Cowboy, you ready for the wild ride?'

I Sang Dixie
I think this song epitomizes Dwight. Also I do like it when he references California in his songs. I'm weird. I know.

The Back of Your Hand
Not sure why I like this as much as I do. I guess everyone wants to believe someone out there knows him or her like "the back of your hand." This one is a sort of a gentle song and for what it's worth, it makes me smile.

"Take a guess where I stand
pick a number one or two
Take a look at the back of your hand

just like you know it you know me too"

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