Sunday, August 15, 2010


I wanted to see if I could really clip part of a Hulu vid and share it somewhere else... I absolutely LOVE the mashups on Glee and this partial Bon Jovi one is particularly grand.

And it worked! That was a clip from Glee Season I episode: Vitamin D in which Will's wife gets a job as a school nurse (totally without credentials) in an effort to spy on him and Emma. She also gets all the kids hopped up on the active ingredient in cold medicine. You can tell that Finn is a bit hopped up in this number, but it's appropriate. I've seen Jon Bon Jovi perform recently. He was exactly like that!

To be fair, here are the girls. Equally manic.


E.Louise said...

Can't see it outside the US though :(

Carm said...

Hmmm... and apparently the videos expire. Sad. Oh well.


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