Friday, June 04, 2010

God Bless Dairy Queen!

It was my birthday today and I celebrated by helping my youngest sister break in her new grill. She's recently moved out of my mom's place into a house with four other girls, three dogs, and three cats. :)

Her roomies were so sweet and joined in the feast, provided mostly by my mom who knows how to do cheezy potatoes right. And since most everyone knows I do not like cake, my mom went the extra mile and picked up a yummy Dairy Queen number. Delish!

The best bit was Shade (Ashley's border collie) was back home and on the mend (will post more on him later).

Every year I forget to get my free movie rental on my birthday over at Hollywood Video and for once I remembered, probably because they've got "going out of business" signs up all over. Still, I stopped in to pick one out and discovered they aren't even renting anymore. Just selling everything off. Sad, sad day. Maybe they are out of business because they gave away too many free birthday rentals? Oh well, not to me, anyway.

Instead we watched 2012 which I picked up at the public library. As films go, it wasn't fantastic or anything, yet it was a bit thrilling and my geologist loving was kicked into high gear as I tried to imagine the south pole shifted into the space where Wisconsin once was. And of course, there's John Cusack.

I had a good night and a good birthday. Yay. Here's to an even better year!

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