Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Not Over...

I'm addicted to CNN tonight. Up nearly 2 hours past my bedtime, obsessively watching the scrolling numbers, listening to Clinton and Obama speak... what the heck is happening to me? Was it just me or did Hillary look particularly pretty in pink tonight? Thank you, Ohio... I'll have to wait until morning for my definitive Texas results.


Sara said...

I was really hoping that the rest of the country would make the decision for me between Obama and Clinton, but it sounds like it might be coming to Pennsylvania and I will have to choose. I have been with Hillary for a long time, but I am starting to feel that it would be going backwards. I am afraid that we will see familiar faces from the Clinton administration (which I loved) in the administration and I feel that would not be great. I am not sure that I want 20 years of Presidency shared among two families, Clintons and Bushes. No matter what...it is an exciting time in our history.

Carm said...

I understand. I think my leaning has to do with my concern over WHO will be the MOST LIKELY candidate to be able to defeat McCain. I would hope that either of them can do it, but I get nervous. At this point, I believe Clinton has a better shot at taking McCain on and thus achieving the White House... I think Obama talks a good game and I know why a lot of people are caught up in the idea of him, but I worry that McCain will be merciless on him in an out and out campaign and in the end he won't be electable. Yes, these are exciting times.


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